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The BOD provides input/recommendations in the following areas:


  1. Communication and Parent Involvement

    1. School-community communication strategies

    2. Parent/Community Involvement Plan and parent engagement guidelines

    3. Extra-curricular activities

    4. Rewards and recognitions

  2.  Budgets

    1. Approves proposed school budget presented by principal

    2. Monitors budget allocations

    3. Provides input on school capital improvements

  3. Resource Allocation

    1. Proposes input regarding allocation of personnel and other resources within allocated budget to principal, and ultimately the Superintendent 

  4. School Improvements

    1. Participates in the development of and approves School Improvement Plan

    2. Monitors implementation of the School Improvement Plan

    3. Monitors results of approved innovations

    4. Monitors/provides input on school attendance

  5.  Personnel Decisions

    1. Recommends slate of principal candidates in the case of a vacancy, except in the case of an administrative transfer by the Superintendent

  6.  Evaluation and Review of School-Related Measures

    1. College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI)

    2. MAP data

    3. Georgia Milestones data

    4. Program evaluation data presented to the Board of Education 

    5. Over-all TKES dashboard data (not related to individual teachers)

    6. Annual School Governance Team Survey

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