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MCHS Board of Directors 



Sarah Phillips - Chair - Business Representative - March 2022 (3 year term) 

Scarlet Torok - Vice-Chair  - MCHS parent representative - 2020 (2 year term)

Brad Kelly - Treasurer-Business representative - Aug 2021 (3 year term)

Karen Robertson - Secretary - Business representative - Aug 2023 (2 year term)

Shey Daniel - Chamber of Commerce representative

Bob Bell - Business representative - Aug 2023(2 year term)

Brad Hawk-Board of Education appointee - November 2022 reviewed annually

Nicole Outram - MCMS representative -  2022 reviewed annually

Tracie McGhee- Athens Technical College appointee - reviewed annually

Miki Edwards - Co-chair/CEO - ex officio

Jennifer Butler - COO Workforce Development - ex officio

Heather Fuller - Career Pathway Coordinator - ex officio

Merritt Ainslie - WBL/YAP Coordinator - ex officio

Leigh Aldhizer - Georgia Military College - ex officio

The Morgan County High School: A Georgia College and Career Academy Board of Directors  shall work to bring business, industry, post-secondary education and other members of the community together to discuss the needs of the school based on business and community needs and to monitor the financial transactions for the 501c3. 


Most Recent Meeting Agenda & Minutes

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